12/11/23 Community Meeting Recap

GreenVest hosted a second virtual public meeting on December 11th to provide residents with updates on stormwater management work in the Potomac Manors community, including the retrofitting of an existing dry pond facility and stabilization of eroding headcuts. Members of the project’s engineering, design and construction teams joined GreenVest’s Project lead to:

• Review County water quality goals and requirements related to the Potomac Manors project.
• Provide summaries of project work and progress to-date.
• Provide an overview of updated design and construction plans.
• Share the County DEP’s long-term maintenance requirements.
• Confirm approximate schedules for ongoing planning and future construction.
• Discuss opportunities for a site walk with the GreenVest team before and after construction.

Click here to view the presentation shared at the meeting. A summary of questions and answers covered at the meeting, including project next steps and timelines, is also included below.

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Residents can also message Hilary@GreenPotomacManors.com to speak with directly with the project team or to request this information in a different language.

December 11th Questions & Answers

Is GreenVest working on other projects in Montgomery County?
The Potomac Manors work is one of four projects that GreenVest has partnered with the Montgomery County DEP to complete as part of its Clean Water Montgomery Program. These projects include a mix of outfall stabilization and stormwater management retrofits, each focused on improving and/or addressing stormwater management to reduce pollutants in our streams and watersheds – all of which flow to the Chesapeake Bay.

How many and what type of trees will be removed?
Tree removal will be very minimal, occurring only in places where a tree is actively undermined or falling, is about to fall, is damaged, threatened or in very poor health. Current plans require the removal of four to five relatively small maple trees – each a maximum of eight to ten inches in diameter – that sit on the edge of an eroding bank. Removed trees will be reused within the stream design.

What’s next?
The design and permitting process is currently underway including coordination with County, state, and federal agencies. This will include finalizing planting plans based on coordination with the Potomac Manors HOA. Project construction is scheduled to begin in early 2025 and last approximately six months. Excavation and related truck traffic will occur primarily within an 8–10-week window in mid 2025. Residents will be invited to attend a pre-construction field walk in late 2024 or early 2025, as well as a post-construction field walk once the project is complete. Click here to sign up for field walk and construction alerts via email and/or text. Notice will also be posted here on the project website.

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